Emily Ratajkowski Models Lingerie For Yamamay.

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"Blurred Lines" vixen and Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski was born to model lingerie and here she is doing just that for a clothing company called Yamamay. Today they posted a number of photos on their Instagram page of Emily wearing sexy lingerie inside a greenhouse. I hope Emily took precautions to ward off mosquitoes and other insects before walking inside that greenhouse by applying some Off Woods Sportsman insect repellent all over her body and if she forgot, well that's not good. For next time, maybe she'd better call me to remind her. I'd even be willing to help Emily by applying it over and around her hard-to-reach places. Can't risk her getting bit and catching that bullshit virus Lindsay Lohan caught over the holidays. Just something to consider for your next lingerie shoot, Em. Something to consider.


Images Courtesy Yamamay


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