Kyle MacLachlan And c Are Officially Returning to TWIN PEAKS.

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Last week it was announced that actor Kyle MacLachlan (which I just learned to spell correctly 5 minutes ago) will officially return to play Special Agent Dale Cooper in Showtime's new Twin Peaks series which is set to debut sometime in 2016. Hot Damn! More cherry pie and deep black coffee. Seeing as how these new episodes will take place in present day, I wonder if this means instead of pure brewed diner coffee like we saw 25 years ago, the town will now have a Starbucks every 30 feet from each other. I also wonder if there will be a Keurig machine set up inside Sheriff Truman's office, thus rendering Lucy's coffee making skills redundant and therefore she got fired. Man - bummer.

In other Twin Peaks casting news, at a TP fan convention held in London this past weekend, actress Sheryl Lee, who portrayed Laura Palmer and her cousin Maddie, confirmed to the audience that she will indeed be returning to the show. The website Welcome To Twin Peaks has her announcement. She also confirmed that Dana Ashbrook who played Bobby Briggs will return as well. He confirmed to the audience that back in October, Sherilyn Fenn (or more like Sherilyn FINE), who played Audrey Horne told him that she had spoken to David Lynch and he assured her she was returning as well. So we have Agent Cooper, whichever character they develop for Lee (her two characters on the series were *spoiler alert* - mur-dered), Bobby and Audrey. No word yet on James Marshall or Lara Flynn Boyle returning. I'm sure James will be announced at some point down the line while Lara...well, that can go either way. I'm sure she's been contacted but it was probably to understand what her response was because her lips make her sound like a drowning Mrs. Potato Head. Oh, Donna. Couldn't you have just left your lips alone? James would have still loved you and to prove it to you, he'd still be singing this stupid song to you every night. 

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