Nina Dobrev Is Single.

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Nina Dobrev (pictured above dressed like Emma Peel from The Avengers - the 1998 Uma Thurman movie that made nothing at the box office, I mean -  not the Marvel comic book characters movie that made over a billion dollars at the box office last year) is now a single woman after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder. Nina was a decade younger than Ian so that might have had something to do with the relationship not working out. Or it could have been all those rumors swirling lately about Ian sleeping with Nina's good friend. A thing like that might put a kink in a relationship too. But, what do I know? Do I look like Dr. Phil here?

From Us: Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder's showmance is over. The Vampire Diaries costars have called it quits after more than three years of dating. The couple, who first took their romance public in 2011, are "consummate professionals," the insider says, and "will continue to work together and remain best friends, which is where the relationship started." Last fall, Dobrev opened up to Seventeen magazine about falling for Somerhalder. "I didn't want to be dating one of my costars -- my goal on the show was to be professional," she admitted. "But sometimes you can't help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long -- which I did for a really, really long time."

Reps for the actors declined to comment on the split.

'Continue to work together and remain best friends,' huh? Sounds like when Sofia Bush married Chad Michael Murray, then divorced him because he's a loser and they had to continue working together on One Tree Hill, or when Katie Holmes dated Joshua Jackson, then broke up with him while still having to work with him on Dawson's Creek. That type of situation hardly ever works out. But we'll see. I honestly wouldn't worry too much about Nina, though, She's a hot, young rich actress. She'll be hit on by Charlie Sheen before the sun sets.  And if that's not what she's into (and why would it be?) there's always Match.com. Hey, Martha Stewart is now on Match.com. You should try it, Nina. There are some incredibly handsome, intelligent, sexy, sensitive, hilarious, successful men on match.com. Like myself for example. And forget all about those articles you read about how men lie about their status on dating sites. There is no truth to them at all. None, I tell you. None! You believe me, right, Nina? Um..right? Nina? Nina? 

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