Hilary Duff In Leather And Jean Shorts For Cosmo.

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My younger brother was really into Hilary Duff a bunch of years ago so I took him to one of her concerts. At one point, she looked directly at us and smiled. So Hilary Duff is good people in my book. Hilary Duff is currently going through a divorce because her husband, Mike Comry is a cheating ass-chewer. Hilary Duff wore a black leather jacket and jean shorts for the April issue of Cosmo. Hilary Duff is showing the world that she's a happy, confident, hot, soon-to-be single woman. You know what else I'd like Hilary to show me? I'd like her to show me what that #1 thing is that men are good for that the corner of this magazine cover asks. You know what I bet it is? I'll bet it's buying snow plows. Us men are good at buying snow plows. It's true. We are. #NoB.S. #ThingsMenAreGoodFor #BuyASnowPlow

Image Courtesy Eric Ray Davidson/Cosmopolitan


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