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Stana Katic Just Filmed Her Final CASTLE Episode

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I wasn't available a few weeks ago to discuss the news that Castle star Stana Katic was suddenly leaving the series after eight seasons. Don't ask me why I wasn't available. That's none of your business. Stop being so nosy, willya. Geez.

TV Line has exclusive images of Stana filming her very last episode with her co-star Nathan Fillion. Stana's final episode will air on May 16th. I have to say I've never watched an episode of this show and there's no way I'm going to start. Why? Because now the show is going to lose whatever spark of Moonlighting it ever contained and it's just going to be a show with the guy who played Johnny on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.

It's been no secret that the two stars of Castle have long hated each other and could barely even stand being in the others presence. So making these two work together for another year would be like forcing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to co-star on CBS's The Odd Couple and as much as I loathe both those examples of brown garbage water disguised as human men, It would be fun to watch those two call each other names every week:

Donald: "You're a losah."

Ted: "You're a bad Christian."

Donald: "You're Canadian." 

Ted: "You... are a poopy-head."

Donald: "Let's call Megyn Kelly "stupid" on Twitter."

Ted: "I know Justin Bieber,.

Donald: "Make America great again,"

Ted: "And Canada too?"

Donald: "No, Lyin' Ted."

Ted: "Can I borrow a million dollars?"

Donald: "No."

Ted: "Phooey."

Oh yeah. I'd watch that show.

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