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Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:03

Taylor Swift's BAD BLOOD Music Video Is Here

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I don't know about you but I'm kinda let down by Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" music video (featuring Kendrick Lamar) which premiered last night during the Billboard Music awards. The video's director, Joseph Kahn is a very talented guy but I think the dude watches way too many movies. The dude seriously rips off at least eight movies here and at one point, he even rips off those T-Mobile commercials which featured Carly Foulkes riding a motorcycle through the city while wearing a tight leather jumpsuit. Hey, whatever happened to her? She probably got beat up by Lilly the AT&T girl. Don't let Lilly's sweet disposition fool you. She'll murder a bitch if she had to. There's absolute rage burning behind those eyes I tell ya. Pure rage!

"Bad Blood" begins as Die Hard, switches to Minority Report, throws some Matrix into the mix, incorporates some Kill Bill, blatantly steals from The Fifth Element, adds a little Resident Evil (Milla Jovavich - call your lawyer - now), then we get Tron mixed with the T-Mobile commercial I already mentioned and - oh, is that Jessica Alba Taylor is riding with? These two should star in a biker babe movie together. And - hold on - is that Mariska Hargitay and Jessica Biel? Um, yeah. It is. That figures. We all know Taylor is a big Law & Order fan. I don't know why Ellen Pompeo isn't here seeing as how much Taylor loves Grey's but whatever. And look who else appears - Cindy Crawford shows up as "Headmistress." Is that Taylor's way of calling Cindy Old? Rude! Then the video finishes with Taylor and her friends as an all female version of The Expendables, which is a movie I'd actually love to see (nice boots, Taylor). Hey look - Taylor and Selena Gomez are gonna battle each other and bust each other up like gladiators. Whoever loses has to wash Justin Bieber's Incredible Hulk undies. Don't look at me. I didn't make the rules.    

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