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Taylor Swift Wants You To Meet "Catastrophe"

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Yesterday, Taylor Swift posted this promo for her upcoming music video "Bad Blood" on her Instagram page. Taylor has gone full Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines and assumed a new alter-ego - Catastrophe. Big surprise that Taylor the cat lover would choose a moniker that had "cat" in it. I guess this video is going to be in the style of those Sin City movies but unlike those films, I'm pretty certain we won't be seeing an appearance by Jessica Alba dancing in chaps. That blows.

Besides Taylor as Catastrophe, "Bad Blood" will feature Zendaya as Cut-Throat and Lily Aldridge as Frostbyte.The video is directed by Joseph Kahn who also directed Taylor's "Blank Space" video. Reportedly, Taylor wrote this song about Katy Perry and how Katy was acting like a totally not-nice queenie-meanie when she stole Taylor's back-up dancers last year for Katy's Prism tour. Just don't ask Taylor about it because she swore on her tricked-out Barbie dream house last month that she will, never, ever, ever talk about Katy and her dirty dancer-snatchin' cooties again. Instead watch Taylor's new video when it premieres on May 17th. I'm sure Katy will not be making any comment so we'll probably just have to wait until her next album which will feature her own song in response. I hope it includes the lyric, "That smiley blonde princess / thought she got the best of me / little does she know / I made them kill McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy."

It's gonna be war.

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