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Analysis Of The 2016 Box Office


Twenty years ago this month, Independence Day (or ID4 as it came to be known) was well on it's way to becoming the biggest movie of the summer. By the following January, it went on to become the highest grossing movie of the year and Hollywood's first billion dollar blockbuster. This month, the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence is not drawing nearly the same number of audience members. Could it have anything to do with the fact that while an original idea at the time, it doesn't play so well with audiences today? You could argue that point although the very first Mission: Impossible movie opened a month and a half before ID4 in early summer '96 and last year, the fifth Mission movie still killed at the box office. One could argue that ID4 actually never even needed a sequel. Since the summer of '96 we've had War of the Worlds and several other aliens invading Earth movies (bet'cha forgot all about 2000's What Planet Are You From? That's okay. Most people do.) Plus, there is the terrible fact that 9/11 possibly changed attitudes about audiences not exactly jumping up and down in anticipation to see U.S. landmarks crumbled by laser blasts from the skies anymore. At least in those Avengers movies, they all threw themselves into buildings which then turn to bits of rubble, but then the govt. made the Avengers clean everything up afterwards. Try getting an alien creature to do that. Nope. Not happening.

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Australian actress Margot Robbie is riding high this summer as she stars in two huge potential blockbusters - Tarzan and Suicide Squad. Margot seems to appeal to many types of audience members - comic book fanboys, critics, women and as you are about to read - pervy journalists writing for that magazine you find in dermatologist's waiting rooms all over the country.


Vanity Fair is facing major backlash after publishing a profile of Margot Robbie in its August issue. The piece, which includes a little too much fawning over the actress’ looks, has drawn criticism for being “creepy” and “sexist.”  The story, written by Rich Cohen, focuses heavily on Robbie’s appearance instead of her talent. As some readers have pointed out, it often sounds like the journalist is drooling over the Wolf of Wall Street actress. “She is 26 and beautiful, not in that otherworldly, catwalk way but in a minor knock-around key, a blue mood, a slow dance. She is blonde but dark at the roots. She is tall but only with the help of certain shoes,” the profile reads. The Vanity Fair writer even makes assumptions about how Robbie acts in the bedroom. “She can be sexy and composed even while naked but only in character,” he writes. After a discussion about how awkward it is to film sex scenes, it seems as if Cohen even admits to thinking some not-so-professional thoughts about the Legend of Tarzan star. “We sat for a moment in silence. She was thinking of something; I was thinking of something else,” he writes.


Gross! Why is Rich Cohen writing for Vanity Fair? He sounds like he'd be better suited writing for Hustler. And If all that isn't skeevy enough, just look at some of the names plastered across Margot's cover - Bil Cosby, Trump and the NRA. What? No O.J.? I understand he's quite popular these days as well. What are you doing, Vanity Fair? What's planned for your next issue? A profile of Chloe Grace Moretz written by Josh Duggar? Probably. Then keep a look out for the holiday edition where Fox News CEO Roger Ailes writes a report on proper workplace etiquette during your office's Xmas party. I can't wait to read that one.

Image Courtesy Patrick Demarchelier for Vanity Fair

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Here's the first full length trailer for this summer's upcoming Suicide Squad starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto and Viola Davis. It's one of the best previews I've seen since the Star Wars and The Revenant trailers were released. Also, compared to the trailers we've seen so far for Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad knocks that one completely out of the field. Superman V Batman reminds me of the Jeb Bush campaign - the more people see of it, the less excited they become. I dunno if this means that Suicide Squad is like Donald Trump although in some ways, I suppose it is. Loud, entertaining but nothing of real intelligence and nothing but a spectacle of utter bat-shit derangement and insanity. Oh yeah. Sounds like Trump alright. I really like Margot Robbie's line here regarding "The voices in my head." I'm sure this is now the explanation Sarah Palin has been telling everyone for the past week regarding this:



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A few years ago, a man hacked into Scarlett Johansson's personal phone and stole nude photos contained in it (which were most probably either meant for her then husband Ryan Reynolds or later boyfriend Sean Penn). The photo thief then uploaded the stolen images online. The FBI tracked him down of course and in Dec. 2012, that dude was sentenced to 10 YEARS in prison. Geez, if he'd only waited until this year, he could have just handed out Blu-ray's of Scarlett's movie Under The Skin to everybody and he would have managed to avoid going to prison. Idiot.

Yesterday, another hacker struck again. Only this individual uploaded nude photos of not one famous celebrity, but around 15 famous female entertainers. The biggest target was Academy award winner Jennifer Lawrence. The hacker posted around 10 explicit photos of Jennifer on the website 4chan (NSFW) and he claims to have over 60 other nude selfies of the star. He also claims to be in possession of explicit videos of Lawrence. He describes the videos as being around 2 minutes long and according to his description, they consist of Jennifer performing oral sex on a male, most probably her boyfriend of three years, Hunger Games actor Nicholas Hoult. Not all of the photos of Jennifer he has are nudes though. A number of them are taken from behind the scenes at photo-shoots, including one of Jennifer wearing a red bathing suit, which was most likely snapped during a cover shoot for Rolling Stone magazine two years ago. That is the image I have posted above, because yesterday, right after the photos appeared, J. Law issued a statement to TMZ stating that she is laying down the law (like that?) to any website that publishes the stolen nude photos in question. A statement from her spokespeople said, "This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence." Seeing as how I've already received one cease and desist notice from somebody's team this summer and am in no mood to receive another one, I'm not posting any of the leaked Jennifer Lawrence nudes. Also, I don't want to say whose team it was that contacted me, but I can tell you they work on behalf of an individual whose name rhymes with Chintzy Noham. See if you can figure it out. Yeah, I know. It's a real toughie.

Although Jennifer was the main targeted victim, a number of other entertainers also had nude stolen photos posted including Ariana Grande (bathroom selfies of her butt), Selena Gomez (a close shot of her bare chest which was most likely meant for her idiot boyfriend), Krysten Ritter (lying nude on a bed - right next to a coleslaw salad (!)), Kate Upton (nude decorating a Christmas tree), Kirsten Dunst (Nude close up selfies. Spider-Man, where were you when she needed you?), Yvonne Strahovski (taking a penis to the eye - trust me, you don't want to know), Teresa Palmer and Lea Michele (Just a face close-up, but still - UGH!). Other celebs who were victims of the hacker were Victoria Justice, however she denied the photos going around was actually her,

Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Live Free Or Die Hard, Death Proof)) was also part of the leak and did indeed confirm the photos of her were real, writing, "Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for ever, yone who got hacked. To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves."."

Sunday night, Ariana Grande tweeted that the photos of her fake, writing, "hell nah.... praying for the people who believed that was me lmaoo... my petite ass is much cuter than that"

Kate Upton's attorney confirmed the photos are indeed of her and like Jennifer, they will go after any outlet that decides to publish them.  Well don't look at me, Matlock. I'm not posting Kate's photos either.

Buzzfeed reports that the hacker posted the photos on Imgur and goes by the username "TehSemynov." in just three hours his page containing the hacked/leaked photos was viewed 5,475 times. Today the page has been removed but before it was, I'll bet it was viewed by members of the FBI and it shouldn't be too long before they catch this dipshit and hopefully they catch him soon, as he also published a master list containing the names of around 120 female celebrities who he claims he has nude photos of, which he acquired by hacking into their icloud accounts. The names on the list include Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel,  Hillary Duff, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, Blurred Lines hottie Emily Ratajkowski and Margot Robbie, who appeared as Leonardo DiCaprio's smouldering hot wife in The Wolf Of Wall Street. When this hacker guy gets sentenced to years and years in prison, I hope somebody sticks a Wolf Of Wall Street Blu-ray in his face and reminds him that Martin Scorsese already photographed Margot in every inch of her glory first and it was shown on 25 x 40 ft. theater screens everywhere last Christmas and nobody arrested him for it. Not sure that will make the hacker thief feel anything, but it sure would make everybody else feel just a little better.

Image Courtesy Rolling Stone.


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