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Sunday, 24 July 2016 17:52

Wonder Woman Has A New Teaser Poster And Trailer

Written by Jason Sheppard


Star Wars Episode VIII won't be arriving in theaters until December 2017 so they weren't represented at this years Comic-Con convention in San Diego. That meant that this year it was all about superheroes, superheroes and some more superheroes. Of course, dude superheroes have now becoming boring mopes (hi, Affleck!) so that means audiences need something different - so this year it was ALL about kick-arse female superheros, buddy. 

Yesterday, Brie Larsen was revealed to star as Captain Marvel and a few days before that, Gal Gadot kicked it off with a few teasers for all attending including a three minute preview reel of Wonder Woman (opening next June) and this teaser poster where she looks like she's modeling on a box of Indian Hair Oil.  

Actually, this is a nice looking poster that I wouldn't mind owning. I love collecting movie posters. I own well over 2000 of them. I used to buy them from video rental stores every single week throughout the '90's up until recently when every video store within 300 miles of my city shut the hell down. That meant no more new posters for me every week. It would be nice if Superman could fly around the world and turn back time so I can get posters once more but nooooooo. Superman wasn't good enough to be included in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie so I guess that does that. All I want is another video store. Seriously, why can't there be a superhero who can make that happen? Lame.

Image Courtesy Warner Bros.

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