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Tuesday, 23 May 2017 00:19

Here's The Killer Song From TWIN PEAKS


Fans of Twin Peaks were finally rewarded with two brand new episodes last night - which they only had to wait 311 months for (or 25 years and eleven months - however you wish to count the time between seasons). As for those episodes, well I'm still picking up bits of my brain from the floor because my brain WAS BLOWN! Were these new episodes of Twin Peaks as good as I hoped they would be? They were BETTER. At times, while watching these new episodes, it felt like Twin Peaks was more real than reality itself which is probably because Twin Peaks has been living inside me for 22 years. That's more than - well, I'm not giving away my age here but let's just say this show has been a part of me for most of my life. Did any of the questions I had regarding the characters in the original series get answered? I'm still not sure. Well, yeah I guess a few did. Agent Cooper was still stuck in that Black Lodge and now I even have more questions about that: is he still wearing the same suit as he was 25 years ago? (He is.) Where did he cook his meals during these years? Does Domino's deliver to the Black Lodge? Does it get cable and where is the bathroom in that place? 25 years is a long time to hold it in.


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Actress Traylor Howard, the adorable, talented star of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (the title I still call the show, even though ABC changed it two seasons in - a move which confused audiences who thought ABC was airing two shows about two sets of dudes and a girl - that wasn't The Drew Carey Show) was the latest victim of an online death hoax

Image Courtesy ABC/20th Century Television

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Unlike some people who had no business attending Comic-Con (see: Michele, Lea ) there were those with legitimate reasons for appearing at the fan convention and not only that, they actually transcended the event. One of these people is the talented and beautiful Lana Parrilla who plays Regina, The Evil Queen on ABC's Once Upon A Time. Lana was absolutely gorgeous as she attended her show's discussion panel along with her show's co-stars this past Saturday. Lana has been acting for nearly 20 years but I imagine she's never really experienced fan reaction such as she's receiving now. Honestly, I think seeing a woman as beautiful as Lana wandering around the halls at Comic-Con in a chic, sexy, red leather dress would get serious attention from the nerds. I hope they all had the good sense and manners to not grab and paw at her like filthy animals. I've a feeling Lana had enough of that from her years working on Spin City  with Charlie Sheen.

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Stana Katic Just Filmed Her Final CASTLE Episode
Shay Mitchell Sure Looks Nice
The Master
CBS Releases The Full SUPERGIRL Preview
Fox Just Cancelled THE MINDY PROJECT
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I wasn't available a few weeks ago to discuss the news that Castle star Stana Katic was suddenly leaving the series after eight seasons. Don't ask me why I wasn't available. That's none of your business. Stop being so nosy, willya. Geez.

TV Line has exclusive images of Stana filming her very last episode with her co-star Nathan Fillion. Stana's final episode will air on May 16th. I have to say I've never watched an episode of this show and there's no way I'm going to start. Why? Because now the show is going to lose whatever spark of Moonlighting it ever contained and it's just going to be a show with the guy who played Johnny on Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.

It's been no secret that the two stars of Castle have long hated each other and could barely even stand being in the others presence. So making these two work together for another year would be like forcing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to co-star on CBS's The Odd Couple and as much as I loathe both those examples of brown garbage water disguised as human men, It would be fun to watch those two call each other names every week:

Donald: "You're a losah."

Ted: "You're a bad Christian."

Donald: "You're Canadian." 

Ted: "You... are a poopy-head."

Donald: "Let's call Megyn Kelly "stupid" on Twitter."

Ted: "I know Justin Bieber,.

Donald: "Make America great again,"

Ted: "And Canada too?"

Donald: "No, Lyin' Ted."

Ted: "Can I borrow a million dollars?"

Donald: "No."

Ted: "Phooey."

Oh yeah. I'd watch that show.

Image Courtesy WENN

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:00

Shay Mitchell Sure Looks Nice


Here's Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell leaving Today last week in New York. Oh my, I believe that's the title for the next Jennifer Aniston rom-com: Today Last Week In New York. Sounds terrible. Hey, I wonder if Shay is that Becky with the awesome hair person which Beyonce seems to have some kind of issue with? That wouldn't be good because the Beys HATE whoever this Becky woman is so I really hope Becky isn't Shay Mitchell. You know, now that Michael Strahan is running as fast as he can from Kelly Ripa next week, perhaps Shay Mitchell can be Kelly's co-host on Live Because I would totally watch a show called "Live With Kelly and Shay". Then again, I also watched Jurassic World not too long ago and that movie really should have been named Jurassic What The F-ck?. And they're making another one of those! God, the only way I'd watch that thing would be if a dino decided to eat Donald Trump and shit him out into a steaming huge brown/orange glop of dino crap. I'll bet Shay Mitchell agrees with me on that. Shay seems like an intelligent woman. She and I should have coffee or something. But first, she has to sort that Becky situation out. Ugh. What a mess.

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Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:07

The Master

David Letterman has made me laugh more than any other human being alive. This is a man who I have been watching since I was 8 years old. No matter what was going on in my life, I would  turn to Dave most weeknights, the way one might turn to an old friend at the end of the day. Whenever I experienced joy in my life, Dave's face and jokes would make that joy all the more sweeter. When I was going through the worst periods of my life, Dave would take my mind off my troubles and for the first time that day, I would laugh. For 25 years Dave has been a part of my life. Tonight, this will be the first night since 1990, there will never be a new episode of David Letterman for me (or us) to look forward to.

Many, many articles have been written about Dave and his show over the last few months and they all pretty much include the same words: "groundbreaking", "revolutionary", "brilliant," "genius", "pioneer", "trailblazer" and "master". I'm now going to write something about Dave that you won't read in any other article, anywhere: David Letterman changed my life and I wouldn't be who I am today without him.

And now, here is why David Letterman is rightfully referred to as fans and audiences as "The Master." (Warning: These clips are totally NSFW. Well...enjoy!)

Courtesy CBS/Worldwide Pants

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Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:01

CBS Releases The Full SUPERGIRL Preview

This preview for CBS's upcoming Supergirl series is actually longer than the 1984 Supergirl movie. Oh my God, did this thing go on and on. If the first episode of this show is 42 minutes long, well we've just seen a third of them. This preview is so long that I'm pretty certain when I finished watching it, CBS already cancelled the show.

We all know the Supergirl story so no need to go into it at great length but here's the rundown: Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El (played by Melissa Benoist) is sent to Earth from Krypton, then raised by a foster family. Chyler Leigh from Not Another Teen Movie is her step-sister who knows her secret. Kara becomes a nerd girl whose boss is Ally McBeal (doing her best homage to Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada) and then Kara uses her powers to save a plane which Chyler is on and then the world discovers Supergirl. Also, Supergirl wears a skirt so short it would in fact, make even Ally McBeal's mouth drop. Supergirl wears nice boots, though. I think the Supergirl crew probably swiped those boots from the wardrobe dept. of The Good Wife. Makes sense now that Archie Panjabi won't be needing them anymore. Oh, and thanks for that, Julianna Margulies. Thanks a lot.

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Thursday, 30 July 2015 19:48

Fox Just Cancelled THE MINDY PROJECT

Well, shit. The Fox network just cancelled The MIndy Project, one of the few entertaining shows still left on broadcast TV. Fox executives said today the show will not return this fall for a fourth season. The annoyingly sappy New Girl however, will be coming back. Oh, yay. 

Over the course of it's run, The Mindy Project struggled to find a large audience, though it was popular amongst the female demographic. Some critics liked the show while others complained that it had trouble finding itself and characters were constantly being written out of the series in order to "tweak" it. To be fair, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation did the same thing. Just ask Josh Girard and Mark Brandanawicz. "Who?" you just asked. Exactly, my friends. Exactly.    

From The A.V. Club

A question we were pondering just two days ago has been answered: Fox has not renewed The Mindy Project for a fourth season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But, as in any rom-sitcom, it may be darkest before the dawn, as hip young upstart Hulu has swooped in to possibly rescue The Mindy Project by offering new episodes online. THR continued that Universal Television is “now in talks with Hulu for a multiple-season renewal,” though Hulu and Universal Television (the show’s production studio, which conveniently owns a stake in Hulu) declined to comment.

As much as I'd love to believe a service such as Hulu will swoop in and continue this series, after the Twin Peaks mess Showtime is now finding itself in, much to the dismay of fans who were promised a new season, only to have that show's creator, David Lynch walk away last month, I do not want to get my hopes up again. Maybe in a cost-cutting measure, Showtime can team up with Hulu and create a Twin Peaks-Mindy Project joint series. They can satisfy fans of two series that way. Hey, can't be any weirder than the time Urkel appeared on Full House - even though Full House took place in San Francisco and Urkel lived in Chicago, yet he was still their neighbor. Nope. Never could figure that one out. 

Image Courtesy Fox Broadcasting



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Netflix just released the official poster art for season three of Orange Is The New Black which premieres this June. Unlike last year's awesome poster which featured nearly the entire cast, this one just features five key cast members as their characters, Daya, Alex, Chapman, Crazy Eyes and Red. Still, it's better than those Sopranos posters that only featured only Tony and nobody else. Selfish hog. 

This poster features the characters painted on religious candles, like you find in dollar stores. I'd buy these OITNB character candles if I saw them. They look cool. Now it's almost a shame Larry isn't coming back because I'd keep that one lit until it left nothing but a big black burn spot where his face is. That would be pretty cool. Isn't that right, Maritza?

Damn right it would be.



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Donna from That 70's Show is back in season three of Orange Is The New Black and look - she's punching out Tank Girl. Crazy Eyes has written some kind of Fifty Shades of Grey orgy alien porn, Big Boo and Pennsatucky bond over M&M's, Red is still banned from the kitchen, Nicki is in an office building (?), Gloria is ready to throw down with Sophia, Taystee is showering Lohan style, Maritza's nipples are hard and there's no sign of Pornstache - but more importantly, there's no Larry. Wait, no Larry this year? Aw, yeah.


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