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Unlike some people who had no business attending Comic-Con (see: Michele, Lea ) there were those with legitimate reasons for appearing at the fan convention and not only that, they actually transcended the event. One of these people is the talented and beautiful Lana Parrilla who plays Regina, The Evil Queen on ABC's Once Upon A Time. Lana was absolutely gorgeous as she attended her show's discussion panel along with her show's co-stars this past Saturday. Lana has been acting for nearly 20 years but I imagine she's never really experienced fan reaction such as she's receiving now. Honestly, I think seeing a woman as beautiful as Lana wandering around the halls at Comic-Con in a chic, sexy, red leather dress would get serious attention from the nerds. I hope they all had the good sense and manners to not grab and paw at her like filthy animals. I've a feeling Lana had enough of that from her years working on Spin City  with Charlie Sheen.

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