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Here's Jessica Alba in a just released series of photos for DL1961 by Boo George. When I received these photos, I had to check the description twice as I thought it was a collection of images by Boy George. Now that would be odd. Turns out Boo George is a well-renowned fashion photographer who shoots for Vogue, Calvin Klein and others. This series is a campaign ad for the DL1969 line featuring designs from Riley Breath, Florence Seymore and Farrow Ringwald. I'm just as surprised as you to learn there's a designer named Riley Breath. Ain't that something?

These are some great images of Jessica and her great hair, great face, great style, great eyes, the great way she strolls casually down the street in tight leather pants. These are some classic, old school Alba photos. Not really understanding the reason for the photo of her leaning up against a window outside a dingy toilet stall. Is she in prison? That is some Orange Is The New Black mess going on there.

Speaking of unpleasant things - why isn't Jessica attending the big Hillary/Bernie battle royale currently going down in Philly? She spoke at the Democratic convention four years ago with Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria (who spoke Monday night), so why not this year? Oh, I know. Now that Scarlett is the highest grossing box office female of all time, she probably now believes she's too good to appear at something like that. Well. Thanks for nothing Mrs. rich girl. See if Jessica remembers you at Christmas and if she does, I hope she sends you a gift that will haunt you during all your days.   


Images Courtesy George Boo for DL1961

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I don't know if you've ever noticed but Jessica Alba is sort of pretty decent looking. No, really, She is. This is why magazines love putting her on their covers. Decent looking people like Jessica tend to sell magazines while not so decent looking people (like Lindsay Lohan) don't. I know. Funny world, ain't it? Jessica appeals to women because she's a hard-working mom who's balancing a career and family life and she appeals to men because - well she just appeals to men because she looks like Jessica Alba and men are simple, shallow creatures. You're welcome, ladies. 

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Happy Good Friday! How are you spending your day? In church maybe? That's nice. Jessica Alba is spending hers in the Caribbean with her husband and children. Yesterday, Jessica went snorkelling in the water while wearing a skimpy denim-like blue bikini with gold ring details. You won't see that in church, will you? Jessica and her family are vacationing this week with Rachel Zoe and her family. Last week, Jessica vacationed with John Legend and Chrissie Tiegen but they returned to America because they're lame.

While Jessica is enjoying the Caribbean sun, in the east end of Canada they are still receiving snowstorms and there are snowbanks 10 feet high all along the city streets. Jessica should probably do something constructive like go there and help shovel some snow for the citizens, but she won't do that because vacationing in St. Barths is so much more important to her. Fine, Jessica. Be that way. See if they send you anything for your birthday at the end of this month.

Image Courtesy © Spread Pictures

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The music sucks but the video is awesome. The good people over at Maxim have released video footage of Jessica Alba who is currently on that magazine's September cover, which you can buy from your local Starbucks or gas station right now. I noticed that Maxim has been making their magazines much more slimmer these days. Along with these Archie digests. Remember how those Archie double digests used to be nearly the size of the phone book but now they're no thicker than an iphone? What are those Archie people trying to pull off? I'll bet they're not even "double" size at all. I think the Archie people are trying to pull a fast over over us. This will not stand. Something has to be done. I demand an inquiry. Who's with me? Hmm? Nobody? Oh none of you even care? Fine. You explain to your children why they're being cheated out of Archie comic material. Or don't. Just lie to them. Teach them the world is a cruel dishonest, harsh, bitter black hole and the sooner the accept that fact of life the sooner they can lose their innocence and then turn to hard drugs just to cope and then they'll turn to crime to get the money to support their out-of-control drug habit. There. Are you happy now? You have nobody to blame but yourselves.

Wait, was was this even about? Oh, right. Jessica Alba. Say, she's pretty hot isn't she? Yep. Pretty hot.


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A woman strapped a GoPro mini-camera to her head so she could film her workout inside an undisclosed gym and posted the video online. You never see the girl's face, except for the mouth and chin, which resembles the lower part of Rachel Stevens' face who you may remember as the hot girl from S Club 7. I have no idea what Rachel is up to these days. Who knows, this might even be Rachel. Hi, Rachel. Love this video! I Can't wait for part 2!

I wonder if women filming their workouts will become a thing now like the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well, if it does I'd better get the ball rolling then. For the next batch of workout videos to be filmed and posted, I challange Scarlett Johansson, Katy Perry and Jessica Alba. Your move, ladies.


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Extremely attractive mother of two, successful business woman and sometimes actress Jessica Alba will appear in the September issue of Maxim magazine to promote her upcoming movie Sin City: A Dame To Die For. This was a no-brainer for the editors of Maxim as that publication's past Jessica issues have been best-sellers. Maxim may not even be around that much longer, but until they are you can expect a Jessica Alba cover to hit newsstands every 18 months or so for the forseeable future. Chances are she'll be wearing hardly any clothes either because that's a key element in trying to sell magazines geared towards males - take a really, really hot girl (bonus points if that girl has nerd appeal like Jessica does from being in that sci-fi show almost 15 years ago) and photograph them in underwear lying against rocky surfaces. You know, just once I'd love to see it if a publishing company created a magazine that featured well-known beautiful celebrities and stuck them in remote places like Alaska while dressing them up in snow pants, bulky parkas, wool scarfs and mittens so that all you see is the top 1/2 of their face. Sort of like how Lindsay Lohan looks here. Somebody should tell Lindsay that's actually a good look for her and going out every day like that would do wonders for her career. I don't know if she'd believe that, but it sure as hell wouldn't hurt to try. It wouldn't hurt one bit. 


Images Courtesy Maxim


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Sunday, 26 July 2015 18:17

Evening Gossip Roundup - 3/30/12.

Do you remember Jessica Alba? If not you need to refresh yourselves because she's still pretty damn hot. (The Blemish)


Ivanka Trump has a really long neck. You know who else has a long neck? Porn star Tera Patrick and E.T. Now ain't that somethin'? (Celebslam)


Katy Perry looks like Grimace from those McDonald's ads years ago. Now I want a Big Mac. Thanks for that B*tch! (WWTDD)


Speaking of McDonald's I'm 100% f*cking positive that this is Kim Kardashian sucking off Ronald McDonald for a six pack of McNuggets. (Dlisted)


Chris Brown is cashing in on Trayvon Martin's shooting by promoting his line of hoodies. Anyone want to buy Chris a plane ticket so he can wear that in Florida? I'd be real happy to chip in on that. (The Superficial)


Producers say Anne Hathaway is a fat cow. (Crazy Days And Nights)


Here is Candice Swaneoel and Mirander Kerr walking on water...I think. Oh Blessed art thou amongst women. Especially if those women dress in skimpy lingerie for a living. (Yeeeah!)

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Friday, 24 July 2015 19:50

Jessica Alba Likes Me.

Jessica Alba didn't realize that when she invited me over to her place

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Friday, 24 July 2015 09:28

Jessica Alba Is Knocked Up Again

Jessica Alba was probably tired of Natalie Portman

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