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See that girl above? That's Karrueche Tran, the beautiful ex-girlfriend of Chris Brown. See that smile on Karrueche's face? That's the smile of someone who was just told that Chris Brown is not legally permitted to contact them under any circumstances for five years! That's someone who'll never stop smiling again. 


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Elle MacPherson Is Single

Katharine McPhee Is Now Single

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Thursday, 15 June 2017 07:57

Elle MacPherson Is Single


I first saw Elle MacPherson sometime in the early 90's when she appeared on David Letterman's show wearing an red leather jumpsuit outfit thing. I think I hit puberty that night. MacPherson was in her late 20's and now at age 53, she's still rocking the hell out of red leather. I'll bet her husband is a very happy man and I sure hopes he appreciates how fortunate he is to be married to such a beautiful, intelligent and remarkably savvy business-woman whose lingerie line expanded into bath and body items in the UK during 2005. There was so much demand for Elle's products it went global in 2008. MacPherson has received various awards including the Fig Leaves Entrepreneur of the Year Award, The Glamour Magazine Style Icon Award and the Elle Magazine International Style Icon Award. Want more? She was also the recipient of the Marie Claire Prix de la Mode (20 Years Business), the Everywoman Outstanding Designer Award for 2007 and most recently she won Femmys Lingerie Designer of the Year Award in 2008. Most TV viewers however, probably recall her as a woman way out of Ross's league on Friends, whom he broke up with because her apartment was a pig-sty. Well, Ross always was an idiot and apparently so is Elle's real-life husband, Jeff Soffer because he allegedly cheated on her and now she's divorcing him.


“Elle and Jeff are definitely over,” a source said of the couple, who were married in 2013, after a notoriously on-again, off-again romance. “She has left their house at Indian Creek in Miami with her kids, and is looking for her own house in Miami. He has been linked to some other women, but insists they are just friends.”


The old "They're just friends," line never works. The first thing to do when you suspect your partner is spending a significant amount of time with a "friend" is you ask them how they met. 100% of the time they'll say "work".  Uh-huh. Of course they're 100% lying unless they work for Tinder which I dunno is really a thing and - oh my god, it is. You can actually work for Tinder. I'm sure that beats using Tinder at home and seeing being matched with someone you actually know - like your personal trainer. God, that was awkward. 

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Katharine McPhee Is Now Single
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Monday, 25 July 2016 18:26

Katharine McPhee Is Now Single


Katharine McPhee, 32, the American Idol contestant who went on to star in such network series such as Smash (McPhee attended the Boston Conservatory of Music for three semesters) has announced her divorce from her husband of two years, her Scorpion co-star, Elyes Gabel. Before Gabel, McPhee dated film/tv producer Michael Morris. He was 55, she was 27. Shortly after that couple began dating, McPhee would appear in such award-winning classic projects like 2011's Shark Night 3-D. Funny, how I seemed to have missed that one.   

Gabel was McPhee's second husband. In 2008 she married Nick Cokas in Beverly Hills. Former American Idol contestants Kellie Pickler and Mandisa Hundley were among the 305 wedding guests. They divorced in May, 2014. He later accused Katharine of being unfaithful as she was spotted becoming physically intimate with her Smash director, Morris. Again, Morris was twice her age. Must have been all that singing going on.

E! News can confirm Katherine and Elyes parted ways last month after two years together. "It was an amicable split. They're still friends and work together almost everyday. They still love each other but just couldn't make things work," another source said. Meanwhile, Katharine, 32, and Elyes, 33, were first linked in 2014 after they were spotted stealing a kiss on the set of their show, Scorpion. They made things official shortly thereafter and were not afraid to show off their affection for one another, continuously smooching on set and sharing social media posts about each other. The pair started dating amid the actress' divorce from her ex-husband, Nick Cokas, from who she filed for divorce in March 2014 after originally splitting a year before.

"Still friends and work together everyday?" Uh-huh. This is exactly what we heard when Vampire Diaries stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder split up. Guess what? She didn't enjoy working with him so she ran away from him and the show. Let's see how long Katharine and Elyes last before one of them wants out because the money just won't be worth it. McPhee has a thing for powerful industry types who can further her career and I believe Scorpion films not too far away from where The Big Bang Theory shoots so if I were Chuck Lorre, I'd post a guard outside his house before Katharine starts dropping by with love notes and homemade cherry pies.

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