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Evening Gossip Roundup - February 8th

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Another daily roundup....

Evening Gossip Roundup.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is slumming it again with Jamie Kennedy. This is a woman who hosts sex toy parties at her home and wears a tiara in the bathtub every night. I can see why the men aren't beating her door down. (CDAN) 

I thought Jesus looked like Brad Pitt or Ashton Kutcher Before Ashton shaved and cut that mop on his head. (Dlisted)

Katherine McPhee staring at the equivalent of her new show Smash. (Celebslam)

Scarlett Johansson uses the fashion industry to help President Obama's re-election. Fox news will probably respond with news item that says fashion is evil and everybody should go through life naked. Of course they'll change their minds after imagining what a nude Newt Gingrich would look like. (IDLYITW) 

Happy 80th Birthday John Williams. (Empire)

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