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Friday, 30 December 2016 00:00

Traylor Howard Latest Victim Of Celebrity Death Hoax

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Actress Traylor Howard, the adorable, talented star of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place (the title I still call the show, even though ABC changed it two seasons in - a move which confused audiences who thought ABC was airing two shows about two sets of dudes and a girl - that wasn't The Drew Carey Show) was the latest victim of an online death hoax

this past weekend. The good news, however, according to mediamass.com is that Howard, 50, is very much alive and most likely enjoying residuals from the newly released Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place complete series DVD box sets, which I purchased from the fine gang at Shout Factory this past summer for $79.95. Boy, I half expected a personalized "thank you" note from Traylor included in my package after paying out that sum but I guess she was busy washing her hair or something - which is the usual excuse I get from women whenever I'm concerned. I must be responsible for at least 1/3 of the nations female flake-free scalps. We all gotta do our part I suppose. 

"News of actress Traylor Howard’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the December 2016 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. Thankfully, the actress best known for her role on the television series Two Guys and a Girl is alive and well."

So while 2016 was busy taking pretty much every celebrity alive, as news began circulating about Traylor's death, well of course it didn't sound that far out of the realm of possibility. But now we've established that Traylor is absolutely fine. Hell, considering how the last week alone has played out, if I was Traylor, I'd be running around everywhere screaming this:

Image Courtesy ABC/20th Century Television

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