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Monday, 15 August 2016 00:00

Amber Heard Finally Arrived For Her Deposition

Written by Jason Sheppard


Those nuns watching Amber Heard walk down a street in Paris had better use some of their pull with the guy upstairs in regards to helping Amber out because after a week of delays, she finally sat for a grilling at the hands of Johnny Depp's attorneys and they went all in.


Amber Heard was grilled until she was well done Saturday, sitting for her long-awaited deposition for 7 long hours. Amber was asked about her claims of violence at the hands of Johnny Depp, and not just on May 21st. She was asked in great detail About claims of past violence. Sources say Johnny's lawyer, Blair Berk, went into great detail about her alleged injuries on May 21st, and why 5 concierges, 2 police officers as well as security guards saw no evidence of such after the incident. Sources say Amber, with lawyer Samantha Spector by her side, maintained she was injured and couldn't account for what others saw. We're told early Sunday another settlement offer was passed around and the lawyers are working toward a settlement, which could come at any time. It seems neither side wants a trial, which is now scheduled for Wednesday.


Update: Holy crap! The prayers worked. Damn. Those nuns are good.

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