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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 18:13

Lea Michele Nude For Women's Health

Written by Jason Sheppard


It looks like Melania Trump is not the only one who decided that posing nude in publications would be a good career bouncer because here is the very annoying Lea Michele appearing naked on the cover of Women's Health UK.  I'd love to know who the person was that thought readers would actually want to see this because I can pretty much tell you that no, nobody wanted to see this. Even Lea's mother. It's true. Told me herself. Nice woman. Makes wonderful raspberry muffins.

Lea tells Women's Health UK "When I left Glee, I needed something to replace all the dancing about I was doing. Right now, I feel physically in my best shape and emotionally in my best place. I keep my home almost completely gluten free and vegan, which I think is important because when you reach for a snack at home, then you’re getting something healthy. When I say I splurge – that’s pizza, mac and cheese, pasta; it’s not McDonald’s. Look everyone can do whatever they want, this is just what I do. I have down days. I accept those days as much as the happy ones,” but to get over those down days she says "I make some macaroni cheese, call my mom, pour a glass of red wine and watch some reality television. There’s nothing that can’t fix.”


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