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Tuesday, 02 August 2016 16:31

Donald Trump Enjoys Some KFC

Written by Jason Sheppard


70 year old, 260 pound bag of smelly, rotten cooked carrots, Donald Trump is not having a good week. He is losing to Hillary Clinton by as much as 9 points in a number of polls and his convention "bump" sank faster this week than one of Lindsay Lohan's exposed boobs. So, what does Donny do to try to regain favor with his supporters? He tries to relate to them by tweeting photos of himself fake-eating the type of food he believes they shovel into their gum-holes. Previously it was a Taco Bowl and today it's a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken - although as you can see, he's not even touching it. The fork and knife is a nice touch, although I'm pretty sure the average Trump supporter don't use no fancy yoo-tinsels. That's LEE-TIST! I'm pretty certain they attack chicken with their hands harder than a pack of starving Gremlins ten minutes past midnight. Now, although Trump doesn't eat the KFC, this is not the first time he's ordered it. In fact, I heard from a source inside the Trump team that Donald orders a full KFC family meal practically every day. A-ha! So now we finally know what that straggly mess on Trump's head is comprised of - KFC coleslaw, while the chicken grease is to hold it all together. BUSTED!

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