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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 18:00

Here's Jessica Alba's New Campaign For DL1961

Written by Jason Sheppard


Here's Jessica Alba in a just released series of photos for DL1961 by Boo George. When I received these photos, I had to check the description twice as I thought it was a collection of images by Boy George. Now that would be odd. Turns out Boo George is a well-renowned fashion photographer who shoots for Vogue, Calvin Klein and others. This series is a campaign ad for the DL1969 line featuring designs from Riley Breath, Florence Seymore and Farrow Ringwald. I'm just as surprised as you to learn there's a designer named Riley Breath. Ain't that something?

These are some great images of Jessica and her great hair, great face, great style, great eyes, the great way she strolls casually down the street in tight leather pants. These are some classic, old school Alba photos. Not really understanding the reason for the photo of her leaning up against a window outside a dingy toilet stall. Is she in prison? That is some Orange Is The New Black mess going on there.

Speaking of unpleasant things - why isn't Jessica attending the big Hillary/Bernie battle royale currently going down in Philly? She spoke at the Democratic convention four years ago with Scarlett Johansson and Eva Longoria (who spoke Monday night), so why not this year? Oh, I know. Now that Scarlett is the highest grossing box office female of all time, she probably now believes she's too good to appear at something like that. Well. Thanks for nothing Mrs. rich girl. See if Jessica remembers you at Christmas and if she does, I hope she sends you a gift that will haunt you during all your days.   


Images Courtesy George Boo for DL1961

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