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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 18:34

Lea Michele Made Quite The Splash At Comic-Con


Scream Queens star Lea Michele (though I actually believe she's like 5th billed in the show's opening credits) attended Comic-Con In San Diego this past weekend to take part in that series live panel discussion along with Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Billy Lourd. I'm sure Lea was warmly received by convention nerds (not judging - I'm one too - and very lonely - forget I just typed that) who were very, very polite when they went up to her and asked "What Marvel blockbuster movie are you going to be in?" Of course, Lea isn't going to be in any Marvel blockbuster movies so I'm sure she instead took a large swallow (of her pride) and told attendees she's actually on a dumb Fox series that only gets 2.6 million viewers per week. Then she stuck out her chest from inside her low baring cleavage dress, flipped her hair and looked around for another celebrity she could run over and talk to instead of some convention nerds. Rude! If I was there, I would have asked her to say hello to a friend of mine on my phone - only to then remind her of this:


It's the gif that keeps on giving.

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