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Tuesday, 12 July 2016 19:47

Dakota Johnson Is In A Yellow Bikini Filming "FIFTY SHADES...SOMETHING"

Written by Jason Sheppard


Here is Dakota Johnson on location in France yesterday, filming one of those Fifty Shades sequels while wearing a yellow bikini and I think I can speak for just about every, straight red-blooded male out there when I say: does seeing people walk barefoot on rocks give anybody else a case of the willies or is that just me? Seriously. Happens to me every time I witness it. But I'm sure that's not what got people's attention when viewing this photo. I know what guys are really thinking about when they look at the above image of Dakota nearly nude, fit and attractive adjusting her bikini top in plain view and that is: what is the title of the book Dakota is carrying? It must be a really good one if she brought it to the beach with her. If anybody knows what the name of that book is, please let me know. I'm going to be wondering about this for days. 

Image Courtesy Neil Warren/GoffPhotos

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