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Thursday, 16 June 2016 20:06

MAXIM India Declares Priyanka Chopra 'The Hottest Woman In The World'

Written by Jason Sheppard


While model Stella Maxwell tops Maxim's 100 hottest women in the U.S., Quantico star Priyanka Chopra lands that title for the India edition. Hmmm...kind of odd how India's Maxim is still making print versions while U.K. Maxim ceased print publications way back in 2009. Perhaps that was just as well because Maxim is now causing controversy with this cover. It seems people are not pleased with Maxim's amount of armpit airbrushing used for Priyanka on their cover. Boy, that's a new one.

Readers claim Maxim airbrushed the creases in Chopra's pits so beyond recognition, that this image now contributes to an "unrealistic" representation of women. But despite the outcry, Chopra is happy with how her cover came out. So there - I guess. There is also a brief interview with the internationally famous actress where she discusses her TV series and her upcoming role as a villain in next spring's Baywatch movie starring The Rock and Zac Efron. Wait! How exactly do you play a villain in a Baywatch movie? Do you hide the lifeguards sunscreen from them and then tease them by dangling a bottle in front of their face when they develop sun blisters? Geez, that sounds dumb. A bottle of Aloe Vera gel can work just as well. DUH!

Image Courtesy Nick Saglimbeni For Maxim India

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