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Thursday, 16 June 2016 17:15

Kylie Jenner Is In A Bikini Again, Everybody

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Not wanting to be upstaged by her older sister Kim (below), Kylie Jenner posted this bikini/bathroom selfie to her 'Gram a short time ago. You know what's funny? Around the time Kylie took this photo, I was watching part 3 of ESPN's O.J. Simpson: Made In America documentary series. Maybe Kylie should be watching it also as I believe she was just a newborn when that whole ordeal went down. Kylie could learn a tremendous amount about race conflicts and prejudices which were highly commonplace in L.A. during the early 90's. Perhaps then, Kylie can ask herself why we have not evolved as a society since that highly-charged period and why there is just as much bigotry and hate now in 2016, as there was in 1991-'92? Also, It would give Kylie the opportunity to witness her mother Kris, join in on a Loco-motion human chain while she was drunk off her ass at O.J.s wedding. But first, Kylie has a bunch more snaps of her 80% naked bod to upload. Bikini selfies don't just post themselves y'know.

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