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Wednesday, 27 April 2016 00:00

Shay Mitchell Sure Looks Nice

Written by Jason Sheppard


Here's Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell leaving Today last week in New York. Oh my, I believe that's the title for the next Jennifer Aniston rom-com: Today Last Week In New York. Sounds terrible. Hey, I wonder if Shay is that Becky with the awesome hair person which Beyonce seems to have some kind of issue with? That wouldn't be good because the Beys HATE whoever this Becky woman is so I really hope Becky isn't Shay Mitchell. You know, now that Michael Strahan is running as fast as he can from Kelly Ripa next week, perhaps Shay Mitchell can be Kelly's co-host on Live Because I would totally watch a show called "Live With Kelly and Shay". Then again, I also watched Jurassic World not too long ago and that movie really should have been named Jurassic What The F-ck?. And they're making another one of those! God, the only way I'd watch that thing would be if a dino decided to eat Donald Trump and shit him out into a steaming huge brown/orange glop of dino crap. I'll bet Shay Mitchell agrees with me on that. Shay seems like an intelligent woman. She and I should have coffee or something. But first, she has to sort that Becky situation out. Ugh. What a mess.

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