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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 21:01

Lindsay Lohan In Notofu Magazine Looks Wrong

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Apparently the editors over at Notofu (or is it No Tofu?) magazine must think that we are all pretty stupid because they want us to believe that this is a photo of 29 year old Lindsay Lohan last month in the tropical island of Mykonos, Greece. Ha! We know what 29 year old Lindsay Lohan looks like. She posts photos of her 30 year old self all over her Instagram so yeah, we know what 29 year old Lindsay Lohan looks like. That image above looks more like 2006 Lindsay Lohan. What are you trying to pull Notofu? Although, credit where it's due as they decided to feature a photo of Lindsay grabbing herself a Coke soft drink which is very, very different from the type of coke she's used to ingesting. Very clever way Notofu of insinuating Lindsay loves her "Coke."

Now what in the name of the lord Santa Claus is Notofu (or No Tofu) magazine?

Image Courtesy Nofotu Magazine

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