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Nina Agdel Ripped The Behind Out Of Her Yoga Pants

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During a workout session, model Nina Agdel must have really been in quite the zone, as she exercised so hard she busted a hole right in the back of her tight dark yoga pants. Apparently, Nina was unaware of the round rip so she pranced around the gym for 20 minutes with her ass-crack exposed. At least she didn't rip the front instead. Once it was pointed out to her that she was giving everyone a free show, instead of fleeing into the change room to put on another pair, or even finish her work out for the day, she decided to snap a selfie and share it to the world on Instagram. I notice that Nina is not wearing any underwear hear and that is quite unsanitary. I seriously don't know how Nina can ever expect to land a man when she's exhibiting gross bad habits such as this. It's truly very sad. Well, the guy on the ground there doesn't seem to mind though. Perhaps they should go on a date or something. Believe me, she's done worse. Way worse.

Image Courtesy Instagram/NinaAgdel © 2015


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