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Here's Jessica Alba Wearing A Bikini While In The Caribbean.

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Happy Good Friday! How are you spending your day? In church maybe? That's nice. Jessica Alba is spending hers in the Caribbean with her husband and children. Yesterday, Jessica went snorkelling in the water while wearing a skimpy denim-like blue bikini with gold ring details. You won't see that in church, will you? Jessica and her family are vacationing this week with Rachel Zoe and her family. Last week, Jessica vacationed with John Legend and Chrissie Tiegen but they returned to America because they're lame.

While Jessica is enjoying the Caribbean sun, in the east end of Canada they are still receiving snowstorms and there are snowbanks 10 feet high all along the city streets. Jessica should probably do something constructive like go there and help shovel some snow for the citizens, but she won't do that because vacationing in St. Barths is so much more important to her. Fine, Jessica. Be that way. See if they send you anything for your birthday at the end of this month.

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