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Lea Michele Looks...Um....Different.

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For some reason, somebody thought it would be a swell idea to invite that fake-smiling fakey fakester Lea Michele to the Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment breakfast event in L.A. yesterday.  Other actresses in attendance included Sarah Silverman, Patricia Arquette, Geena Davis, Nikki Reed, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Walsh and Constance Zimmer but the real star of the morning came courtesy of Lea Michele and her giant brows. Wow! Just look at those. It's like Lance Armstrong rode his bike across Lea's face and left two giant tire marks right above her eyes which she never bothered to wipe off. Of course this is not the first time Lea left the house without checking the mirror first. Except this eyebrow situation doesn't look like a mistake on her part at all and she actually chose to leave the house like it. I hope she didn't use permanent marker on those things. That could be a problem for her if it doesn't wash out by Christmas as children will think that Lea used the coal in her stocking to scratch under her forehead. "Aunt Lea, why did you melt down a black crayon and rub it on your face like that? You're scaring us. Can Aunt Naya come over and play with us instead of you. She's fun and you look Mr. Bean".

Now that Glee is finishing up, Lea is on the lookout for her next acting opportunity and you know what? I think she's sending a clear direct message to Hollywood producers that she has decided which timeless, classic character she'd love to portray next.

Keep hoping, Lea. Sometimes dreams do come true.

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