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Lea Michele Is Now Living With Her Gigalo Boyfriend.

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Not nice person, raving bitch and overall pain Lea Michele (pictured above looking like Goldie Hawn's boozy sister) has found somebody that's willing to put up with her nasty personality in exchange for living in her $1.4 million dollar Los Angeles home. Why, it's just like the plot of Ned and Stacey. After four months of dating, Lea decided to pull a Kaley Cuoco and have her guy move in with her.   

From Contact Music:

Lea Michele's boyfriend Matthew Paetz has moved into her Hollywood home. The 'Glee' actress has reportedly invited her new beau to live with her, despite only having dated him for the last four months. A source told said that the former dating coach has moved into Lea's $1.4 million Californian home The couple have only been seeing each other since June, when they met on the set of Lea's music video for the single 'On My Way'. The relationship is Lea's first since the death of boyfriend and 'Glee' co-star Cory Monteith, who tragically passed away in July 2013.

So Lea moved a "dating coach" into her home. What kind of advice does this guy have to offer his clients? Lesson #1 is probably "Get fit and then find a rich celebrity who craves attention and feed her all the compliments she wants." Lesson #2: "Repeat lesson #1 until you're saying goodbye to your crappy $900 a month one bedroom dirthole and moving into said celebritries million and a half dollar home in Sherman Oaks. Cha-ching!" Lea came dangerously close to a nip slip at the Sons of Anarchy premiere in Los Angeles this past Saturday when she wore a tiny white Cushnie et Ochs dress with a dramatic front cutout. Oh, and Lea may *wink* be engaged to that dude she's been "seeing" for four months, at least that's what she wants you to think as she made sure the cameras got a good view of the new ring on her finger she was showing them. That may not be true, but he did just move in with her which is nice because now they can split the monthly utility bills between the two of the - aw, who are we kidding? She's paying for everything, and I do mean everything. Whatever. The more horror stories I keep hearing about how she treats people just makes me loathe her more and more, so I can 100% completely understand why the only boyfriend she can get for herself is one she has to pay for.

Also, this ice cream sandwich I'm eating right now is really good. Nom nom nom.

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